Rolls Royce Phantom Convertible – Official

Another day, another leak. Heck, not even Rolls managed to keep its sparkling Phantom Convertible safe from the net. To be unveiled officially at the Detroit Show in January, the Phantom Convertible is the production version of the 2004 100 EX prototype (see pics below). There’s no V16 power here though as the drop-top Phantom retains the sedan’s 460 Hp strong 6.8 litre V12 motor which is good enough to give the Convertible a more than respectable sub 6,0 sec time for the 0-62 mph (100 km/h) sprint and a 250 km/h top speed -electronically limited.

Destined not only to serve the drop dead rich but also the hip-hop famous, the 4seater Phantom Convertible may have avoided the coupe-cabrio craze (could it be cause there’s a coupe coming up the way…), retaining a classic soft-top, but it more than compensates with its unique features. See, the great white whale of drop-tops features suicide doors, unpainted stainless-steel bonnet (just like the concept), two-piece boot and a yacht inspired teak wood that surrounds the cabin and the rear lid. No surprises in the interior as it’s basically carried over unchanged from the sedan version of the Phantom. But with all that wood, who cares?

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